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We turn your ideas into real digital products by investing our industry and technology experience in projects we believe in.

Whether you're a startup taking the first small step or an established company taking the next leap forward, our passion is launching brilliant products that...

  • Drive innovation and disruption and are loved by customers and users alike
  • Are highly competitive, combining quality and speed to market
  • Reduce risk through "product-market fit" analysis and design

2018 Winner of the Queen's Award for Innovation

EIS helps athletes to improve performance through the delivery of science, medicine, technology and engineering

"Rocketmakers went above and beyond with the initial solution - we had very tight deadlines and budgets for getting that minimum viable product out there."

David Gallimore -

Sports Intelligence Manager

emortal is a 'lifesaving' app that preserves your most cherished memories

"Rocketmakers have shares in my business – there are very few people I’d consider giving stock to – only the right people. They care."

Colin Culross -

Founder & CEO

Pure Planet supplies clean, renewable energy

"Rocketmakers really took the time to get under our skin to understand us. This is important as it’s at the start when the DNA of your company is set – they have some very bright people who have contributed to what we are."

Steven Day -


Tailor made holidays with local experts in your destination

"What really impressed us about Rocketmakers right from that first contact was the generosity that they showed when we were just a small startup with a pitch deck and a business plan."

Huw Owen -

Joint managing Director & Co-Founder

Neighbourly is a platform where people and companies come together to work on community projects

"The first iteration of our product was something that never failed in demo, and you cannot underestimate the importance of that."

Nick Davies -


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Launching platforms and products as quickly and painlessly as possible

Product Toolkit

Whether it’s perfecting the flow and styling to get the ideal user experience or architecting the technology to ensure a secure, scalable, reliable and performance focused solution - we’ve got you covered.


From medical records and financial trading systems to social networks and marketplaces we’ve built secure and scalable systems for the real world. From our perspective an MVP just isn’t viable without it.


The talent in our office spans decades of design and development experience. Whether its React or Docker, Virtual/Augmented or Mixed Reality, AI or Machine Learning… we’re all over the latest technologies and approaches to ensure we’re at the leading edge of innovation.


Cosmos is our Content Management System which allows control of your content from day one - for SEO and marketing we know you need to be in command.


Armstrong is an open source react UI framework which contains a library of essential components to get you up and running quickly.