Web Development

Build an experience that will delight your users on the web

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What is Web Development?

Web development involves creating the client-side (or front-end) of digital products, including the user interface and implementation of the visual and UX designs.

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Why is Web Development important?

Effective front-end web development is important because it ensures that apps are visually appealing, easy to use, and accessible across a range of devices and platforms. Doing it well enables fast load times and optimal performance in the browser which ultimately delivers a positive user experience.

The Rocketmakers Approach

We have been at the forefront of front-end web development for well over a decade.

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The most common web applications use technologies such as React and Typescript, both of which we’ve been actively using for many years (before they became so popular).

We believe in accelerating projects as quickly as possible, so have built our own technologies that our customers can use. For example, we have built and shared our own open-sourced component library called “Armstrong” that enables fast creation of web applications as most of the UI components needed have already been developed and “battle-tested” in many real-world situations.

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We believe in ensuring any key processes can operate independently of whatever client application is being used (be that a web site, mobile app or even voice technologies such as Alexa).

We always ensure that we build a REST and/or GraphQL based API (Application Programming Interface) to separate the back-end capabilities and front-end presentation. That way, we can always adapt the core functionality to new ways that users may want to use it.

Examples of Web Development in our Projects