Mobile Development

Create an experience your customers can access on mobile devices

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What is Mobile Development?

Mobile development involves building digital products that can run on multiple mobile phone and tablet operating systems, including iOS, Android, and more recently PWA (Progressive Web Apps).

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Why is Mobile Development important?

It is important because it enables apps to be deployed to a phone or tablet and make use of all the features of those devices. Where possible, technologies that use one code-base to create apps for multiple platforms can streamline the development and testing process and ultimately reduce costs. It can also ensure that an app provides a consistent user experience across different platforms.

The Rocketmakers Approach

Over the years, our mobile developers at Rocketmakers have built native mobile apps using most of the core mobile technologies.

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In the early days of mobile development, we had to use native languages in order to deliver the quality and performance our clients demanded.

In recent years our experience of “wrapping” web technologies (e.g. React) using tools such as Cordova and Capacitor have provided huge benefits to development speed and reducing project costs. We still have the native skills and experience when needed, but having our clients benefit from having just one code-base to maintain for iOS, Android and Web is fantastic.

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Examples of Mobile Development in our Projects