Immersive & 3D development

Build an immersive experience leveraging virtual, augmented or mixed reality technologies

Two people working in VR

What is XR Development?

Immersive XR development creates 3D immersive experiences using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

3D render of a rocket in two design phases

Why is XR development important?

Effective development of AR, VR, and 3D apps using tools such as Unity, Unreal, and Three.js can provide engaging, interactive and realistic experiences that can be used in training/education, games and entertainment, architecture and data visualisation and many other fields.

The Rocketmakers Approach

Rocketmakers have always been early adopters of new technologies and XR is no exception.

Person using a VR headset to test a product

We have built some amazing experiences over the last 15+ years which range from R&D projects with universities all the way to our own patented product development in this space.

We have a unique mix of skills in the team, ranging from the use of complex data management and processing on cloud servers all the way to bespoke 3D visual experiences such as those used for carbon fibre lay-up of racing cars and Aldridge Foundation’s 3D animals in their Ameko app.

Two people working in VR

Our interest in this area has led us to build a unique capability in the XR space with Beam.

Beam allows companies to build 3D experiences and manage them without the ongoing need for developers - it’s essentially a low/no-code content management (CMS) and analytics system for all 3D environments.

Examples of Immersive/3D Development in our Projects