Build a quality product, architected for growth and accelerated by our tried and tested services and components.

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Rocketmakers UK based team has a proven track record over 15 years of developing a range of digital products

Products we’ve made include web apps, mobile apps and immersive experiences. With specialists in front-end development, back-end development, web development, mobile development, machine learning, AI and 3D/immersive development, Rocketmakers has the capability to deliver a wide range of complex solutions. 

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What is Software Development?

Development is the process of building software for digital devices. We write code to turn designs into usable, scalable products that offer features and functionality for users.

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Why is Software Development important?

Your technology can either accelerate or limit your growth. It is important to make sure you build your software in such a way that it is dependable and scalable. That starts by choosing the right technology partner. 

The Rocketmakers Approach

Rocketmakers typically operates using an Dual Track Agile software development process, with a high degree of involvement from our clients product owner.

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Our process keeps you at the centre of the project, in the driver's seat to make well informed product decisions as they arise.

Working in two week sprints, the team will work closely with you to prioritise the features which are most important to be built next and the implications of any decisions made. 

Working with an interdisciplinary team of designers, developers and a project manager we work collaboratively with you to frequently prioritise, deliver and test features in small discrete chunks. This allows us to constantly refine and react to product feedback.

The benefits of Agile include improved collaboration, flexibility, faster time-to-market, higher quality through continuous testing, and increased customer satisfaction through their involvement and feedback. Agile emphasises continuous learning, communication, adapting to changes, and delivering what customers need.

Our Development Services

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI and ML are technologies that enable computers to learn and perform tasks without being explicitly programmed

Web development

Web development

Web development involves creating the client-side (or front-end) of digital products

Mobile development

Mobile development

Mobile development involves building digital products that can run on multiple mobile phone and tablet operating systems.

Immersive/3D development

Immersive/3D development

Immersive XR development creates 3D immersive experiences using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.

Technology Consultancy

Technology consultancy involves providing expert guidance upon the design, architecture, security and strategy for a digital product.