Visual Design

Stand out from the competition with exceptional designs and branding

Open page in a book showing logo design of Unicorn fest

What is Visual Design?

Visual design involves the aesthetic design of digital products, including colour, typography, and layout.

Various mobile phones showing screens from the app Biscuit

Why is Visual Design important?

Effective visual design is important because it enhances the overall user experience, creates visual appeal, and reinforces brand identity. It also helps to make the app more accessible and enjoyable to use, which can drive user adoption and retention.

The Rocketmakers Approach

While not a dedicated brand agency, our team of talented designers have created the visual identity of many of our customers

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Focusing specifically on brands for digital products, focusing on the key brand vision and values. We also work with other specialist agencies and individuals where they can bring real added value to the project.

Visual Design is often an early core component in helping to sell the vision for a product, so we typically get involved at the early concept stages of an idea or company. Once established, we expect it to evolve through its lifetime, so we ensure our visual design team is on call throughout every project to adjust as needed.

Patches showing designs made for Unicorn fest

At Rocketmakers, we have developed a clear visual design story approach which is documented in key assets such as style guides, brand books, Figma designs, Storybook components and more.

Our full approach is documented in this overview - link to PDF here - and we have various examples described on Dribbble and Behance.

Examples of Visual Design in our Projects