User Research

Gather and analyse user insights to guide later design and development decisions

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What is User Research?

User research involves gathering insights and feedback from users to inform the design and development of digital products.

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Why is User Research important?

Effective user research is important because it helps to ensure that apps are user-friendly, intuitive, and meet user needs. It also helps to identify areas for improvement and can lead to increased user adoption and satisfaction.

The Rocketmakers Approach

At Rocketmakers, our experienced UX designers are skilled in delivering all levels of user research work, from small investigative initiatives to full multi-week programs.

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We plan, develop, execute, and report our findings to better inform development priorities, reducing unnecessary development time and spend.

During the discovery workshop at the start of the project, we agree on the amount of user research required, which is then undertaken as early as possible to inform subsequent design and development decisions. However, we understand that it's not always possible to research everything upfront, so we typically focus on discovering the most important insights from user research as quickly as possible.

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Using the 80/20 rule, we focus on the key assumptions and areas of risk to achieve 80% of the value from the research, with just 20% of the cost.

The specific activities are oriented to the specific needs of each client and often depend on the level of research that has already been done.

The outputs generated by user research inform and positively impact the design and development activities that follow, with the outputs of any technical spikes feeding into the creation of a prototype.

Examples of User Research in our Projects