We helped Inedo to design and develop its DevOps platforms for automating software releases.

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Who are they?

If you run a company based in Ohio, you need a good reason to use the expertise of a company based in the UK. After a long search closer to home, Alex Papadimoulis, founder of Inedo, turned to us to help him build modern user interfaces for his development platforms. As he’s also the founder of The Daily WTF, a fun site dedicated to highlighting software that’s been built the wrong way, it was particularly pleasing that he chose us to collaborate with.

Rocketmakers have real, experienced software developers that we can communicate very well with, who understand in detail the specific problems that we’re trying to solve. We haven’t had any challenges with the five or six-hour time difference - they are pretty open to answering late emails, working late and they are obviously up whenever we are.

Alex Papadimoulis Founder & CEO

Every designer’s dream is to have the opportunity to work on and improve a product that they themselves use every day. We helped the Inedo team reimagine the user experience and branding of their BuildMaster product.

Phil Mower Designer

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