We helped Gibraltar to create a software development tool that enables developers in thousands of organisations worldwide to monitor bugs in their software.

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Who are they?

When we provided feedback on the development software we were using from US firm Gibraltar, we didn’t expect the company to ask us to help develop the next iteration! Despite being 3500 miles and five time zones apart, we used that to our advantage: Gibraltar could feedback results at the end of their day, and we could complete work before lunch just as they were coming online. True collaboration across the seas.

Kendall and his team are dedicated to continuously updating their brand and excellent range of software quality products. We are extremely proud to be their trusted design partner.

Phil Mower Designer (Rocketmakers)

Rocketmakers are very focused on delivering the result you’re asking for. We've found that we can accelerate development times by taking advantage of the time zones between us.

Kendall Miller Founder & CEO

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