We built Emortal - the social media platform where your memories are kept safe for all time.

Colin approached Microsoft with his idea for a personal social network where the memories you share are saved indefinitely.

He was then referred to us as a possible development partner. We gladly took on the project, and even invested in his company.

Microsoft were staggered by how much we had achieved with so little budget and in such a short amount of time, they couldn't quite figure it out. Would I recommend Rocketmakers? I already have - to two companies! And both of them have contracted with them.

Colin Culross

Founder & CEO

Once we had built the software, Microsoft was so impressed it offered to buy it from Colin for $15.1m.

He decided not to sell, and we're now helping him to set up an in-house development team.

Rocketmakers take the guess work out of software development - working closely with the developers directly lets us see exactly what is being worked on, and how long it will take.

Waqar Munir

Product Manager

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