Building software that makes an impact

Rocketmakers is an impact-focused organisation.

The ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of 50 million people through the software that we build.

Rocketmakers’ 10-year goal is not to grow the company to x, sell the company for y, or even generate revenue or profit. Sure, some of those things might happen along the way and some might be targets in their own right.

This goal has always been a driver for the business and in early 2020 it was established formally as the centre of our organisational strategy.

Our ultimate ambition:

to have a

positive impact

on the lives of

50 million people

through the

software we build.

Outreach and inspiring the next generation of software engineers, developers, designers and technologists

Since its inception, Rocketmakers has been committed to helping improve diversity and access in the tech sector. We are active members of the community and always have an outreach project on the boil. Recent examples include:

Creation of the Tech for Good open dataset in partnership with TechSPARK

Provision of training sessions and content as part of Bath Digital Festival and Digital Skills Exchange

Hosts of virtual work experience with the Speakers for Schools

Speakers at Industry Insights sessions with Bath College

Introducing the Rocketmakers Collaboratorium

The Rocketmakers Collaboratorium provides pro bono design and development support worth 2% of annual company revenue to organisations working to achieve a beneficial impact on society and the environment.
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