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We’re always on the lookout for new crew members to join our award-winning team

Flexibility, Friendship and For Good

With flexible working, a crew that feels like a circle of friends and a focus on projects that work towards positive impact, Rocketmakers really is a special place to work. We’re often on the lookout for new crew members to help us build amazing technology solutions (not rockets!) for organisations large and small.

Our Values

Happiness in our Work

We aim to create a positive and supportive environment, where people can truly be themselves and where fun and enjoyment are encouraged

Continuous Learning

We want to remain curious, always seeking to learn from our peers, both internally and externally

Excellence and Expertise

We are dedicated to delivering excellence and staying one step ahead in our expertise to provide the best possible solutions for our clients


We believe in working collaboratively, fostering strong relationships with each other and our clients to achieve a shared mission


We value integrity and promote openness in all our interactions, both internally and with clients

Positive Impact Mindset

We aspire to make a positive impact on the world by considering the social and environmental implications of our work

We want your application to be as successful as you do. Before you apply, check out our top tips for navigating our recruitment process from our Chief People Person, Sian!

Lots of cool dudes

Our employee value proposition

Picture yourself working on projects that make a positive impact for society or the planet, surrounded by a passionate and innovative award-winning team who are deeply valued.

Our crew members love a challenge and bring their individuality to work whilst making new ideas happen. Together we focus on our wellbeing to create an incredible culture of support, camaraderie, a great working environment, and time to have fun.

Live your best life at home and work

At Rocketmakers, we know how important it is for you to have a healthy work-life balance to support you to be your true self at work.

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Flexible working

Sit-stand desks available

Wellbeing programme


Brand new MacBook

Unlimited* holiday

Employee-run activities

Long service sabbatical

Flexible hours

Community events

Cycle-to-work scheme

rocketmakers team cycled to the top

Our crew members lead a wide range of brilliant social events and activities that aim to be as inclusive as possible.

From our monthly book club, cheese club and crafting to optional pub socials, gaming nights and football — pretty much anything goes at Rocketmakers and we are always on the lookout for new suggestions.

We recently outgrew our old office, so we moved two floors up into a much bigger space. Here's a glimpse into what happened on our first day.

We are 30 seconds away from Bath Spa train station

The Rocketmakers office is located just 30 seconds from Bath Spa train station and is easily commutable from Bristol, Bradford-on-Avon, Chippenham, Swindon, Cardiff and further afield. Some of our crew members love to work in the office every day whilst some crew work mostly from home. We have a flexible working policy where we recognise our crew members’ needs individually and endeavour to support these where we can.

Award winners for Best Place to Work

Rocketmakers have been recognised across the South West as being a great place to work

Our crew are a very friendly bunch

Rocketmakers prioritises culture over everything

Since it all began in 2007, the team has grown to 50 crew members with elders that have been with us since the beginning and 25 people who joined in 2021. Culture has been top of the priority list since Richard and Keith started the company and this truly shows through our employee retention and engagement.

What do our people say?

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what a few of our brilliant crew members have to say about working at Rocketmakers:

Vince CoxMichaela Dennis

I’ve worked at places that have been described as ‘friendly’, but here everyone seems to be actually friends, which is a whole world of difference.

Greg Skinner

Joined in 2020

I was very close to quitting development as a career and going into something different before I began at Rocketmakers. My previous experience in the industry was just of hostile, corporate environments. It’s completely different at Rocketmakers. It’s a community, even a family. I actually care about the people I work with and I think they really care about me.

I applied because I thought I’d like the benefits, but as soon as I sat down for an interview with Richard and Keith I knew this was really different sort of place. It almost didn’t feel like an interview. They just wanted to know if I was a good fit for Rocketmakers, not trip me up or find my weaknesses.

Vince Cox

Joined in 2018

Starting during the lockdown was certainly nerve racking but I've found the process to be super smooth. I think the tools and catch ups Rocketmakers have in place to keep everyone connected work really well, and I definitely feel part of the team and well integrated. There is a focus on wellness which has been re-assuring during this odd time, and we have been constantly reviewing and trying new ways to stay in touch, which I've really appreciated.

Michaela Dennis

Joined in 2020

When I was looking for a new job last year I only applied to Rocketmakers. I got the impression it was full of talented software engineers doing amazing things, and they really wanted to do good in the community. You never really know if a company is as good as you’d hoped until you get there, but I know now I definitely made the right decision. I really enjoy the fact that there is a very supportive working environment. If you have any sort of problem with your work you can go to Richard or Keith and you’ll be helped.

Nick Soper

Joined in 2017

Skill development is top of our agenda

Professional development is built into everyday project work at Rocketmakers.

We want our crew members to feed their curiosity. As a leading UK software development agency, we’re in an industry that is constantly evolving and changing with the latest digital developments and trends. The key to our agility is our crew adapting to these changes through passion, curiosity and continuous learning. Because of this, we offer peer to peer mentoring and a development budget to be used for events, workshops, and training sessions in career-related subjects that interest you.

Projects you could have an impact on

Our clients cross sectors and sizes, platforms and technologies

All our projects are facilitated by our brilliant team of project managers and run to the beat of an agile drum. We work with some truly fantastic companies from fledgling startups and local charities to large, global organisations. Each client arrives with unique challenges, and we are passionate about delivering the best, unique software solutions. We consider ourselves industry agnostic, building a reputation for working in elite sports, health tech, renewables and much more.

Our story

richard and keith animations

We’re owned and run by the founders Richard and Keith who set up the business 15 years ago

From our innovative software solutions for elite athletes to being certified B Corp status in 2023, the potted history of the company gives a good taste of what to expect from working with us.

Work Experience

If you're interested in work experience at Rocketmakers, please email us at [email protected]