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How we work

Our team of developers, designers and software architects put users at the centre of our process.

During the initial design phase, our goal is to fully understand user needs and product journeys, which when done well, saves unnecessary and expensive redevelopment during later stages.

Our Agile development team works alongside our designers to build, iterate, implement and support the product vision.

State of the art technology

At Rocketmakers, we are fueled by software innovation. We use the latest, proven technologies to deliver scalability, reliability, performance, and security for our customers. Whatever technologies we use, we always ensure they meet the precise needs and requirements of each client.

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Our priority is your success

We want your business to be successful. We believe that creating a shared vision with our clients creates the best and most collaborative relationships. We don’t just sell design and development services, we sell results.

We are ready to go

Getting started on your project as soon as possible is important to us.

Our first task will be understanding your business and the problem you want to solve.

By figuring out exactly what problem needs solving and how best to solve it, we ensure the solution we build is the right one for your needs. Our product design team works hand-in-hand with our developers, ensuring that our plans fit existing technological capabilities, and are clearly understood by the development team!

Dynamic software development

Rocketmakers takes an Agile approach to software development.

This acknowledges that development priorities can and will change throughout the course of a project - influenced by factors such as user feedback, commercial considerations, competitive activities and technological advances.

Agile software development

Our process combines a broad road-map for key project deliverables with more precise two- or three-week development sprints. This helps us to estimate and plan much more accurately, on an ongoing basis, and gives you the opportunity to prioritise and refine tasks according to the latest data.

Agile is most successful when the client and the software developer collaborate regularly.

Rocketmakers fosters this collaboration by involving you in regular sprint planning sessions, retrospectives and ongoing online dialogue with our team.

Design work that accelerates development

At Rocketmakers, we take a design-led approach to software development.

We start by looking at the likely users (the “user personas”) and by mapping their likely journeys through the solution. We test and validate these user journeys and this then informs our software development priorities.

It’s how we make sure we build the right product, and build the product right.