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We don’t actually build rockets, but we do launch products. We’re looking for software engineers to join our award winning team on a permanent basis.

Christmas cookies!

Christmas cookies!

frisbee in the park

frisbee in the park

making pies in the office

making pies in the office

mountain biking in Bristol

mountain biking in Bristol

a birthday BBQ

a birthday BBQ

boating in Bath

boating in Bath

What we do

We work with startups, scaleups and corporates, turning innovative ideas into reality using the latest tech. We like to make a difference to people’s lives with the software we build, and work on projects covering a wide range of different sectors, from elite sport and medical systems to sustainable energy and fair trade travel.

While we mainly build innovative apps and websites, we also love developing virtual and augmented reality software when we get the opportunity.

Your skillset

Ideally you’ll have some web and app development experience, and platform and cloud infrastructure skills are a plus, however flexibility, adaptability and an interest in learning as tech evolves is what’s most important to us.

We don’t expect you to know or have used all of our tech stack, but it’s great if you already have experience with a few things on the list, especially those in your preferred area of the development stack.

How we work

It’s important to us to do things the right way and produce high quality code. We’re also big proponents of and contributors to the open source community. We work in small multi-skilled teams using scrum or kanban - always aiming to be as agile as we can.

We have a flat structure where everyone is valued for their own areas of expertise and interest. Our developers speak directly with our clients on a regular basis so everyone’s in the loop and feels part of one team.

Employee Benefits

A brand new MacBook

Everyone gets their own top of the range laptop

Sit-stand desk

Wherever you sit you'll have the ability to stand to improve your health

Free fruit

We have a regular weekly delivery of fresh fruit for all

Free Friday brunch

We enjoy bagels as a team every Friday morning

Free branded clothes

You'll get your very own Rocketmakers branded hoody and t-shirts

30 seconds from Bath Spa train station

Easily commutable from Bristol, Bradford-on-Avon, Chippenham, Swindon, Cardiff and further afield

We rarely work offsite

Enjoy coming to the same office almost everyday, with only the occasional client site visit

"Best place to work in Bath"

Take a look at this virtual tour of our brilliant new office in the centre of Bath

Flexible start and finish times

Start early and finish early, or start late and leave late - work when you're at your best

Work from home if needed

If you need to wait in for a delivery, have a dentist appointment, or a last minute emergency, it's no problem to work the odd day from home

Unlimited* holiday

Take holiday whenever you need it without counting out the days

Employee-run activities

From running club to masterchef classes, team members are always starting new groups

Community events

We love to get involved with the local community, whether it's giving talks at local schools or running tech and business events for the surrounding area

Equal parental leave

Regardless of gender or how you've come to be a parent, our leave policy is completely equal

Mental health policy

We care about your wellbeing and catch up on our mental health policy at least once a quarter

What we offer

Currently a team of 25, our work environment is relaxed but professional, with small teams and supportive team members. In terms of career progression, there’s always an opportunity to skill up in areas of particular interest, as well as taking on more responsibility, mentoring newer members of the team, and growing your skillset in whichever ways you choose!

We have funds available for training, development and conferences. Take a look at what some of our current team say about us at the bottom of the page.

Looking after our people

We have a wide range of social activities aiming to be as inclusive as possible. Whether at our monthly pub social (alcohol optional) or getting together in the office, we do our best to make sure there’s something for everyone who wants to be involved.

We understand the importance of taking care of yourself, and we have a company mental health policy that we review regularly. We recently introduced a completely equal parental leave policy that applies to both men and women, however they’ve come to be parents.

About Rocketmakers

We’re owned and run by the founders who set up the business 12 years ago, and we’ve created a culture where team members tend to stick around. Have a browse of some of our benefits below. We’ve grown responsibly and have remained profitable since day one.

Based just 30 seconds from the train station in central Bath, we’re a big part of the local tech community and sponsor lots of local organisations and events - take a look at our blog to find out more. We also like to share our love of tech with schools and students to encourage the next generation of coders, male and female, from all backgrounds.


I was very close to quitting development as a career and going into something different before I began at Rocketmakers. My previous experience in the industry was just of hostile, corporate environments. It’s completely different at Rocketmakers. It’s a community, even a family. I actually care about the people I work with and I think they really care about me.

I applied because I thought I’d like the benefits, but as soon as I sat down for an interview with Richard and Keith I knew this was really different sort of place. It almost didn’t feel like an interview. They just wanted to know if I was a good fit for Rocketmakers, not trip me up or find my weaknesses.

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Vince Cox

Backend Developer, joined January 2018

As a single mum Rocketmakers gives me lots of support to be a mother as well as work. In a lot of places you have to fit your life around your work, while Rocketmakers makes sure I have the freedom to spend time with my kids. Being a single parent is not seen as a complication the way a lot of employers might see it. And my children are free to come and visit the office anytime and learn about the technology we’re working on. They’re treated like part of the Rocketmakers family.

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Rachel Baker

Business Development Manager, joined August 2017

When I was looking for a new job last year I only applied to Rocketmakers. I got the impression it was full of talented software engineers doing amazing things, and they really wanted to do good in the community. You never really know if a company is as good as you’d hoped until you get there, but I know now I definitely made the right decision. I really enjoy the fact that there is a very supportive working environment. If you have any sort of problem with your work you can go to Richard or Keith and you’ll be helped.

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Nick Soper

Full Stack Developer, joined April 2017

I was very lucky in finding the place I wanted to work before I found the career I wanted to pursue. I started an internship at Rocketmakers just after I finished my A-levels, and was encouraged to try out any aspects I was interested in. By the end of my internship I knew I wanted to become a software developer.

Supported by Rocketmakers I applied to the Mayden Academy developer course, and I am now on an apprenticeship scheme and developing websites and apps as part of this amazing team. It is so rewarding to work alongside such talented and friendly people on projects with real purpose, it feels like I’m making a difference to the world.

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Alice McNeil

Frontend Developer, joined August 2018