Brand Assets

These assets are for internal and external use, and can be used by third parties to reference our work, or partnerships with us. Where possible, use SVGs to ensure minimum file size and maximum quality.

Full Logo

This is the full version of our logo, spread horizontally.

Logo Mark

This is just the mark of the logo.

Logo Type

This is just the text from the logo.

Rocketmakers Badge

This is our badge. Use it when referencing our brand in a compact space.

Square logo

This is our square logo, we use it where square is the only option.

- Always use SVGs except when you can't use SVGs

- Ensure text is clear and legible.

- Give a reasonable amount of empty space around any brand materials.

- Place assets on coloured backgrounds, or backgrounds with little contrast between the background and the logo, except for the Picard or Crusher brand colours below.

- Manipulate, skew or alter brand materials.

Brand Colours

These are the main colours we use in our internal work. Click on one of them to copy it to your clipboard for quick use elsewhere.

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Brand Documents

For more details, please download our branding documents below.