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Rocketmakers in a nutshell

Our passion is making new, innovative products. Taking the kernel of an idea, helping validate the business and technical opportunity, then making it all come to life is what makes us jump out of bed in the morning.

Value & Quality

We offer a level of expertise available from only the best software companies in the world, at great value for money. But that economy doesn’t come at a cost of quality; we were fortunate to be recognised by Her Majesty recently with a Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

Workflow & Approach

We use an agile approach in virtually all projects, which ensures that we can adapt quickly to changes you need. This reduces project delivery risks, means we build the highest priority features quickly, and allows us to deploy releases regularly. Receiving your feedback early and often means the system precisely fits your needs.

Who are the team?

We're a purpose-focused team that works hand-in-hand with our clients to bring their mission to life. We believe small, focused teams can deliver exceptional results, and deliver all our projects with our awesome permanent in-house staff.

Tech we use

We use the latest proven technologies in our projects. We know these will deliver on the scalability, reliability, performance and security needs of our customers.

Product Toolkit

Whether it’s perfecting flow and styling to get the ideal user experience or architecting technology to ensure a secure, scalable solution - we’ve got a tried and tested toolkit ready to go.

Cosmos is our Content Management System which allows control of your content from day one - for SEO and marketing we know you need to be in command.

Armstrong is an open source React UI framework which contains a library of essential components to get you up and running quickly.

Using our brand?

Are you a client, partner, media organisation or otherwise referencing our brand in any of your materials? Please follow this link for our brand guidelines and downloadable assets.